Thunder Bolt Films Was created by Thomas bolt

From mini DV tapes to digital SDs Thomas has always had passion for film making.

Humble Beginnings

Thomas started making videos all the way back to when he was three years old. With his grandparents VHS camera. Playing out and talking whatever he saw on TV, films and even the few dreams he had at night that his young mind could remember.

As the years went Thomas eventually moved on from this type of video making, and eventually video itself, for a number of years to come, Thomas would focus on computers and art. But one day that would all change.

When Thomas was 13, he took a career test for a research paper in.

When he got to the results page in the test book, he read three words

Actor/Producer/Director. not even a split second later he knew exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Since then Thomas has put much focus on his films. He started making small Lego stop motion films. He would grow tired of this and stick with live action film making.

One problem he faced however was that he knew no one in his area that shared his passion until much later. Throughout his middle school life he would make small goofy star wars fan films and other hammy action films. He rarely got the chance to promote himself to his school. Things changed once he made it to high school. He enrolled in intro broadcasting class. He would then show a tutorial video in his class on field reporting, that blew everybody's mind. Since then he has gained a massive following. Even with all the passion he had he still had no one to share it with. Over halfway through his freshmen year, he would finally meet other filmmakers that shared his passion, such as Ryan Long and Austin Schmidt. Along with Ryan Long and many others.

Thomas Graduated Franklin Community High School in 2016.

He attended International Business College and Ivy Tech Community College where he studied Entrepreneurship and Graphic Design

"Don't Underestimate Me" Thomas Bolt