This Page contains Bios of the characters featured on Star Wars Dark Force

Ormand Kyran

Ormand Kyran 

Ormand Kyran is a head strong smart ass Jedi general in the Republic Armed Forces.

Born on Gerrard V, the son of a gangster crime lord Lansky Kyran and  Freighter Pilot Kasey Kyran. Despite his father's wealth, Ormand had very little. As Lansky was neglectful and abusive, generated from his position of power. His mother despite being his only parental figure that cared about him dearly was often absent due to her freight duties in order to help feed Ormand. Kasey was killed by rival gangsters when Ormand was only three years of age.

Ormand was kept imprisoned by his father, interacting only with his cell mates awaiting execution. Under fed he suffered malnutrition and was barley able to speak by the time he was five. Educated by speech through hearing his prison mates.

 When Ormand was ten, he and other prisoners escaped from their confinement. Unwillingly though as that was his depiction of normalcy. The prisoners later died due to the climate of the planet.

Ormand was later kidnapped by Pirates and held as a captive for a year, given very little food and no medical aid, he contracted many diseases in addition to his malnutrition, he fell into a coma, left for dead, the pirates where captured by the Republic Navy. While searching the freight ship Jedi knight Reed Audon, sensed a strong presence in the force, quickly found a rotting, near lifeless skeleton with skin, He was assumed to be dead, but Reed sensed he was alive, but hanging by the smallest, thinnest thread around.

He was flown back to the Jedi Temple on Correllia  at the hospital Doctors were all but dismayed by the fact he was still alive from all of the diseases his body contained, All of his internal organs had shutdown, once operated on, specialists where able to stable-ize him. He remained in a coma for another two weeks. Finally once he had become stable enough, he shortly regained consciousness with Reed standing right next to his bed.

Reed questioned and bonded with Ormand. upon waking from his coma, he had no memory of anything but his name.  Reed informed him of the Jedi knights and the force. He said the force is wait made him survive. At the time Ormand was not aware of the force, he just thought he was really really lucky.

After much discussion. Ormand was made Reed's apprentice at the age of 12,

When Ormand was sixteen, he was assigned a mission to the spice mines of Kessel, to investigate a Terrorist movement, he was ambushed by them but rescued by a young boy Danhon.

When Ormand was Eighteen his training was finished, and Knighted. Shortly after, Dahnon was assigned to be his apprentice.

A couple years later, Danhon along with two other fallen Jedi nights Ben Knorr and Tym Drii, attacked the temple of Correllia, massacring twelve Jedi mostly apprentices, eighteen soldiers and 2 maintenance crew.  Other Jedi master such as  Mace Kota and Andros where able to fight them off. Unfortunately they escaped.

Reed Audon was one of the victims of the attack trying to protect Kyran. 

Devastated by losing not only his master and surrogate Father, but losing his apprentice.  Kyran the Jedi order, feeling as if he had failed as a mentor.

A year later,Mace Kota discovered lead on Ormand's whereabouts on Tnaab. He sent three Rouge Pilots; Commander Derrick, Lieutenant Wedge and Corporal Argon Kalvin (Brothers) to investigate and bring Ormand Home.    

When war was declared on the republic, Danhon Lead the federation's Invasion of Correllia. Where he personally confronted Ormand who was waiting for him. Ormand and Danhon dueled to the death , while the blood shed occurred just tens of meters away. 

Ormand, bloodied and bruised, defeated Danhon, with his saber through his chest, he took his saber and left his fallen apprentice for dead. 

Ormand Takes on his role as a General

Throughout the course of the war Ormand lead the Republic Armed forces. His natural ability to lead, thick skin, and relentlessness, lead to victorious battles, many thought were lost. 

Around eighteen months into the war, Ormand lead a region of republic forces, to liberate the planet Naboo. The federation was holding the peaceful world hostage, in attempt to force them to join their side. Mace Kota and Ki Ru Adian joined him, in defeating the Sith servant, Darth Raven. 

Mace Kota

Mace Kota is a Senior member of the Jedi Counsel, during the Civil War between the Galactic Republic and the Federation.

He was born on the third moon of Sullist, to a wealthy family better known as House Kota. With Three Children Mace, Arya and Ramus Kota        

Mace Kota, 

One day there home planet was attacked by a rival house, Their Father was killed and Mace Arya, and Ramus were the only survivors. Jedi Master Andros who lead the aid of the system. Trained the three children.

Five Years Prior to the War,Arya and Mace had a falling out, and transferred to another jedi temple.

About six months before the civil war, he took on his first apprentice, Ki Ru Adian. 

When the Federation Declared war on the republic, He was placed as a general along side his friend Ormand Kyran. His first taste of war was during the battle of Correllia, which he lead over 100 Jedi and 500 republic troops against the invading Federation Army. While Mace survived, and the battle was won, nearly sixty percent of the Jedi and Republic Troops where killed, many of the those of which he fought with some of those men for over fifteen years.

Mace stands triumphant over his fallen enemy.

After a year and a half into the war, he along side Ki Ru and Ormand lead a force to liberate Naboo. Being held hostage by the federation. Where He confronted, and defeated the sith agent, Raven.

Ki Ru Adian

Ki Ru Adian

Ki Ru Adian is a Jedi Apprentice, to Master Mace Kota.

Born on Cato Neimoidia, as an Orphan Ki Ru, was recruited by Mace Kota, and joined the Jedi Order at the age of Fourteen 


Raven and Mace Fight to the death.


Raven lays dead in the hands of Mace Kota


Raven was a sith agent to the sinister dark lord Mage. 

Born as Tym Drii, was trained by then Jedi master Ben Knorr, the same master that taught Reed Audon'sJedi Master Ben Knorr.

Two Years Prior to the war, Ben and Tym left the Jedi order, being seduced by the Dark Side of the Force.

Now under the Name Raven, he alongside Darth Theron, lead a terrorist attack on the Jedi Temple of Correlia, While the invasion was ultimately a failure, a total of five Jedi and seven republic troops were killed. Among the dead was Reed Audon, Ormand Kyan's Jedi master.

On his final Mission, he lead the hostage takeover of Naboo, where Jedi knight Mace Kota Confronted him. 

Despite his stature Mace defeated Raven, destroying the last known sith agent.

Darth Theron.

Darth Theron was the first sith apprentice to the dark lord. 

Born as Ben Knorr He Trained two Jedi, Tym Drii and Reed Audon. 

Ben had foreseen a war on the horizon and felt that the Jedi, with its passive lifestyles and practices, were unfit to fight a war let alone win one.

Derrick Kelvin.

Derrick Kelvin is a highly trained pilot in the Republic Star-fighter Corps. The oldest of three brothers succeeded by Wedge and Argon. The three were born on Ralltiir, their parents were killed on a pirate attack on their farm house. 

Derrick being 17 at the time took Wedge and Argon and fled on a refugee ship to Coruscaunt.

all three lived in the slums, worked odd jobs to keep food on the table.

When Derrick was eighteen as they where living on the streets he enlisted in the Republic Star-fighter Corps, leaving behind his brothers to help support them. Both later joined him once they were old enough