Bolt's Tutorials

Bolt's Tutorials was a tutorial show created by Thomas Bolt during his freshmen year of high school. At First it was just a one-off thing he did, but then during his first year of Radio and Television at Franklin Community High School he used the curriculum, and made tutorials out of it.

It went on to produce two and a half seasons of content with fourteen episodes, however after two years of production, the show was canceled in July 2014 after airing only two episodes of its third season.

The reason for its early cancellation is Thomas had to postpone a short film, and since he had planned to write the episodes around the short film, he had no content to create. Thomas decided against continuing the show, as he felt he had no longer felt any interest or drive to further pursue.  

A third episode of season three was produced, however was never released, and was lost in a hard drive failure.

In 2017 Thomas revived the show in Bolts Tutorials Revamp. 

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3: